Our infrastructure in a box product is targeted towards small and medium sized businesses with up to 200 employees based on our experience of the best in class open source solutions, each targeting the different aspects of an enterprise. There are four key components to securely manage, operate and view your business in real time and an extremely competitive offering.

Over 300 additional modules

Unified Threat Management System (UTMS)

The UTMS provides perimeter security and protection from the internet, manages and monitors bandwidth and content access to external websites and VPNs.

Network Infrastructure (NET)

The network infrastructure provides authentication and authorization services for users on the network ensuring only valid users have access to internal corporate systems, internal secure files/printers and applications.

Enterprise Mail Server (Mail)

The mail collaboration server provides an integrated mail, calendaring, document sharing and contact management environment with optional email archival facilities with mail boxes with unlimited quota. Our state of the art mail server has advanced features where a single mail server can reside over multiple servers in a multi-clustered/multi-office environment with high availability and advanced routing capabilities.

Unified Communications Platform (UCP)

The UCP is a complete solution for enterprise communication, including voice/soft pbx, video, instant messaging, presence, conferencing, collaboration, unified messaging, call center, and mobility.

Enterprise Backup and Recovery (BCK)

Backup and recover a few, dozens, or even hundreds of Linux, Solaris, Windows, VMware, and Mac computers, as well as your databases and applications, using one web-based management console. Data can be stored on tape, disk, optical devices, or online storage (public or private storage clouds). We leverage this platform to backup any and all business applications in your environment.

Advanced Network Security (NETSEC)

Our advanced network security for the enterprise gives you the protection and security for the worried. Starting with Kaspersky Server Security suite, we complement our standard SNORT and AMAVIS engines with an internationally renowned platform. Our network data monitor (packet detection) technology simply will not allow any ad-hoc machine to connect to your network and our core routing platform enables you to maintain that high level of security while providing easy access to secure services users need.

Business Management (BMS)

Our BMS is a midlevel ERP which forms the heart and soul of your organization enabling you to plan, make critical business decisions and get a bird’s eye view of how the organization is running.

Corporate Intranet (Portal)

The Portal acts as a gateway to manage knowledge, enable collaboration between various departments and users, as a document and content management system and provide a single platform to integrate ad hoc internal and external systems via a single presentation layer.